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music director . conductor . vocal coach

multi-instrumentalist . composer

arranger . copyist . orchestrator.



ben headshot.jpg

Avenue Q, Broadway

Benjamin Stayner represents the best of what music direction is and should be in this industry. He is a masterful musician with an impeccable talent for direction, orchestrations, and conducting. Any theatre or performing arts venue would be lucky to have such diligence and artistry imbued into their shows and performances.


I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Benjamin on two separate performances at Ithaca College. First on a production of Sister Act and again in collaboration on an original composition for a new dance work. He is an absolute joy to work with in both the rehearsal room and as a collaborator. As a collaborator, Benjamin is intuitive, insightful, and engaged in creating a composition that stands uniquely on its own while also supporting the arc of the choreography. He has a genuine understanding of how dance and music can work together in harmony and in dissonance. He understands how to translate an abstract movement concept into a score that supports and informs the development of the choreography.  

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Benjamin and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

The Office!, Nat. Tour

I have worked with Benjamin for over 6 years now on a whole slew of audition coachings and his insights have greatly improved my performances and tapes. He has an incredible sense of musicality, which allows him to offer extremely thoughtful and effective feedback for my singing, acting, and overall performance. He is also an absolutely outstanding pianist, so much so that I rejoice anytime I get to tape, coach, or audition with him because I know he will offer truly exceptional insight and support me fully throughout the music. Highly recommend!

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